Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Serial Killers in Panama

The current story about a couple of serial killers from the United States is too wild! Quite a few of the cruisers here knew, and partied with this murderous couple!! Not us, we didn't go to the part of Bocas del Toro Panama where they last operated (killing perhaps 7 people).

Here's a link for the best series of reports. Actually, this reporter in Panama is the person who pursued the mystery of the disappearance of a US citizen and stumbled onto a bigger story.

So, they also had a sailboat - I wonder if there is a cruiser missing now? Their M.O. was to kill the owner of a property and them assume the property - so is that how they got a sailboat?

Anyway, read the series of reports. Jonesy and I have often talked about who some of these people we meet in Colombia and Central America really are. It's a great place to disappear and we've met some "interesting" folks along the way.

that's so scary!! I'm glad you and your hubby are safe. Egads!
That is scary, and you guys are not allowed to carry any type of protection on your boat as in a firearm are you?
Wow, I hadn't heard anything about this here. Glad you're safe. Guess it shows we don't know much about some of the people around us.
That's very scarey!
Very frightening! I had not heard of these people, either. Usually we hear of this sort of thing a couple of years later, after they have been caught, on a show like 20/20 or something. Please be careful and stay safe!
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