Friday, November 06, 2009


Beaded Bauble Ornament

Introducing - The Beaded Bauble Ornament

This little (3" high) knit decoration is worked in the round sock or fingering weight yarn with beads added. I knit mine with Lisa Souza Sock! yarn in pumpkin color with red sized 8 beads. Pattern is for sale on my website.

We're shopping 'till we're dropping getting the boat provisioned to go out exploring for a few months in remote areas. Sure, we'll be able to get fresh fish and bananas perhaps, but everything else we have to take with us. The refrigerator is humming along nicely and freezing (whoooo hoooo!) but it is small so I have to buy small amounts each day and let that freeze before adding another little layer (meat, cheese, chopped onions & pepper mix). Of course we'll save a little spot for a quart of ice cream as an occasional treat for Jonesy.

Today I get to go to another Friday's Ladies Luncheon after which we will have a speaker come in to educate us about emeralds. Yep. Gemstone type emeralds. These green beauties are one of Colombia's treasures. I'm just looking. Seriously. No, really.

Can't wait for ya'll to set sail again. Emeralds are my birthstone.
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