Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Colombian Donut Question

So, my question is...do the different colors of fillings in these donuts have different flavors? Who knows - I can't eat wheat so I'm not able to sample these babies. But, if I could, I would, just to make sure that every color/flavor was safe & yummy for fellow consumers. What flavor do you suppose teal blue is?

This past week the members of the Holiday Mystery Gifts yahoo group have been working on "Mystery #8". Finally, today I revealed the last clues - what is it? Well, first you get a pair of fingerless mitts, then if you want to go on, you can add to the top of the hand and the thumb and voila! mittens.

As you can tell by the clear blue water in the background, I finished this design and took the photos while anchored in the pristine San Blas Islands of Panama. Certainly, not here in the murky, who-knows-what-has-seeped-into-it water of the Cartegena bay.

Anyway, the Mystery Fingerless Mitts are totally knit flat on 2 needles, then are seamed along an edge. To get the full mitten, stitches are picked up along the top edge which is easy because the selvedge is a chain stitch. Then these are worked in the round. Same with the thumb. Very easy indeed in worsted weight yarn and size US 5 needles. Size can easily be adjusted by increasing/decreasing the garter stitch edging at the sides for longer mitts/mittens/cuff. For changes in width, the number of pattern repeats can be increased or decreased as desired. It's all knitters' choice (as EZ would say).
Jonesy has been meticulously working on the dinghy this past week. He's been re-patching all of our holes, slits, and other various leaks such as along the transom where water seeps in and keeps our feet wet. Big job! But we're trying to get this dinghy to last another season to save $$$. Yes, it's ugly - but then that can be a good thing - who would steal this dinghy when there are nice newer ones nearby? Theft is a constant problem. Notice this Lacquer thinner bottle which looks dangerously like a water bottle. Scary!! Oh, and the glue he used? It costs $65 per kilo which is half the price it was in Panama. Whew!

Boat parts arrived this past week hand-carried down from the states by another cruiser to us! Cool. Toilet parts. Way cool. Well, we certainly don't want to be without a functioning "head" onboard and these Jabsco parts are not available here in Colombia. We're getting the boat ready to take off to cruise the Western Caribbean area next month. Whooo hoooo!

eeewww, sorry but the green oozing out of the donuts does NOT look yummy to me.
Love your fingerless mits!
Some of us stock up on winter food and toilet paper incase of a blizzard while some stock up on toilet parts....just sayin'

Love those fingerless mitts and would have had one knit by now had not this yoke consumed me!
The donuts look 'interesting'...and the Mystery knitting was a BLAST!!!!
Thank you, Terry, for hosting that yahoo group!!
Wow, that is a lot of donuts!! I love that teal blue water, so pretty! Looks like you are all keeping busy! Have fun!
Are you sure those are donuts? Stange look. Yes I wonder whatthe blue one tastes like or any of them.
Love the Mystery #8... excellent project. Thanks.
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