Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Global Warming?

So, what's your guess? We've been having some high tides lately, 1.3 feet which is a lot for Cartagena but puny for a lot of the world. When this happens, the bay overflows onto the streets of the Manga island which we currently call home.

Check out this photo of the street flooded with seawater coming up the drainage canal. Is the flooding caused by global warming and the rising of the ocean? Or perhaps the island of Manga is sinking - or maybe it's poor planning when the street was constructed. Or, maybe it's just the relaxed way of the Caribbean coastal peoples. No problema - it's only seawater, but it sure does make walking about a little difficult.

And speaking of walking about, check out these street cart vendors trotting along in the traffic. Not only do we see burros hauling construction loads, but there are many handcarts pushed along, weaving through the cars, motorcycles and buses. These men and women sell fruit, baked goods, ice cream, fried corn dough snacks and - my favorite -shaved ice with fruit syrups and sweetened condensed milk drizzled on top - yummy!
Which leads me to snacks - check out the photo I took at McDonald's. When you buy your kid a Happy Meal, you can choose to get it with orange juice, cherry tomatoes, or sweet corn! How's that for great choices! Are they offering anything like this in the states or elsewhere?

One of the local workers - Carlos - a nice young guy who cleans the bottom of our boat twice a month (yes! barnacles are a problem here!) is having his first baby soon. It's a girl! Another cruiser asked me to knit up something for her so this little hat and booties is what flew off my needles.

Next up is another pair of socks for the orphanage in Kazakhstan. The yarn is Regia and incredibly I knit a set of identical twins without even trying! Go figure. The self-patterning yarn just lined itself up so even the toes match.
On the scene at the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo Group this week was a new Elf Hat - Caribe. We see these colors everywhere, worn by the young people so I thought I'd make a hat including "dreadlocks". These dreadlocks are made with several strands of wool felted roughly together to resemble the hairstyle.
Last by not least is a new design of mine - GEMS Hat. This is the wrong side of the hat showing all of the yarn tails that I need to weave in. Next time I'll share a photo of the finished hat with y'all.
Today we received via FedEx our new compressor/condenser for our refrigerator! Yippeeee! So far, this little 17-lb box has cost us US$1,300 with duties, customs, shipping, and $820 original price. Yikes! You could buy a whole refrigerator for less than that in the states. But wait. This isn't the USA - it's Colombia and there are no 12-volt units available. That's because they don't have motorhomes in Colombia like they do in the states. Our refrigerator is a motorhome fridge. That's another part of cruising - trying to get parts for repairs is always a challenge. But the rewards of being able to travel independently on the seas are priceless.

Wow, if they offered choices like that in the States I'd be having a happy meal myself.

Glad you could get your parts. It's a shame it costs so much more than one would expect. At least you have a good appreciation of the lifestyle.
Cant wait to see the right side of your hat. The wrong side looks pretty enough.
That flooding is crazy...Nope nothing like that at the McDonalds here... I love the baby set, very cute and the socks are awesome, i have some in the same colorway!
The McDonalds here offer a little bag of precut, prepeeled apple slices. I can't even imagine the chemicals needed to keep them from turning to mush!
McDonalds here offers a banana, string cheese, a couple of juice choices, and milk.
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