Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Tick Cheese

How about a little snack? We have TICK CHEESE! No, no flea ham or cockroach spread, but all the tick cheese you want. Actually, these are almost identical to Cheetos which are not available. But, it took me a while to get brave enough to buy some of these. I love Cheetos. For some reason I eat them with both hands and get those sticky orange finger tips, but it's so worth it.

So, here's the latest pattern release for the Holiday Mystery Gifts group...the Bi-Colored Fingerless Mitts and matching Bi-
Colored Slouch Hat. Both of these are worked in the Knit-1-below stitch pattern in worsted weight yarns. My knitting guild, the Camellia City Stockinettes were the first to receive these patterns. They had a class taught by Sandi Benward in the K1B method and these patterns were distributed to the members. The pattern stitch is easy...but don't make a mistake 'cause you'll have the dickens trying to correct it!!! I had to rip out my work many times! Finally, I taught myself how to fix the boo-boos and the knitting went a lot more smoothly after that.

Hi Terry, How can I get you to make me one of those slouch hats? I have a hard time finding hats I love, but this one looks perfect for someone with a lot of hair to shove into a hat.I tired knitting one but... well I'm better at sanding, painting, and sewing. Anyway, seriously is that a possibility? Paypal perhaps?
I love the hat, very cute.... I love cheetos too :-) I dont know if I could be brave enough to try tick cheese though LOL
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