Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Land & Sea Gansey Sweater DONE!

Here's Jonesy in his new Land & Sea gansey sweater!

Life has been good here in Chacala. We spent the afternoon yesterday on the beach with all the other cruisers in the bay - a total of 9 gringos. We sat at a large table under the thatched roof and socialized, exchanged books, knit (ok, just me), and chatted for hours.

Before we went back to the boat, Jonesy and I took a walk along the beach to work off those chips, salsa, guacamole and beverages. The little village of Chacala is getting ready for the huge onslaught of vacationers who will invade during the 2 week stretch of Semana Santa. Folks are building little stalls along the beach and roads to sell food and other treats.

Semana Santa is the week before and after Easter Sunday when everyone in Mexico goes to the beach. We'll be up in Mazatlan by then, if our plans hold up.

Wonderful sweater! He looks very happy and proud in it, too.
The sweater looks great!!!
Great looking sweater, and he looks very proud.
Great sweater!
I am sorry I have not been on here in while .... LOVE all the goodies you have made ( like always lol) ... and guess what I AM PREGNANT AGAIN~!~!~! This one due in Sep....I had to redo my BLOG so check it out if you like... not to much knitting going on now that I work and stuff. Miss talking to you ~!~!
I just found your website and I'm so-o-o-o-o impressed!! I'm wondering if you could take a picture of your stash??? It would be interesting to see how you store it all in such limited space..
Thanks so much...Teresa
The sweater looks fabulous! Nice color on the dude too.
But you left out all the detail - what type of yarn, what each of the textured patterns are and why you chose them, etc. I do love the gansey and he looks great in it. Excellent job.
Terry, the gansey is just gorgeous.
We're getting closer, and I look forward to boat time to knit big projects like ganseys.
We're going to look at a boat next weekend - can't this weekend. The broker sent the fact sheet out yesterday afternoon and dh called immediately and set up the appt.
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