Sunday, March 02, 2008


Off we go!

Got fuel, got water, got food, and everything works so off we go! We'll be coastal cruising north along the Mexican coast here for 2 weeks or so. Next internet access will be at the Mazatlan Marina where we'll spend a week. Actually, the boat will spend the week - we're going to ride the train up into the Copper Canyon! Adios...

Have fun!!
Hey - are you guys going to get over to La Paz this year? We will be in La Paz around the beginning of April and would love to meet up with you again :)
Jim & Heather (met you in Bahia Santiago about a year ago...)
Oh, I'm so glad you got the Niki Wiki off. Made me sick seeing her that way. Glad your off again. Love the photos.
Well up here in Ottawa, Mother Nature is having a lot of fun throwing 20in of snow at us. Your pictures look so wonderful.
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