Monday, February 04, 2008


Zihua Sail Fest

There's Niki Wiki in front and slightly to the during the Sail Parade in Zihuatanejo with our marvelous guests aboard...Hi Pete from Kansas City!!! Hi Sandi - thanks for mailing our letters in the states for us! Hi to all the other guests who we saw again at the beach Bar-B-Que.
photo credits: Photo Latitude / Andy© 2008 Latitude 38 Publishing Co., Inc

Very pretty picture :-)
what a beautiful site. Oh, I miss the water. and I'll say it again and it won't be the last--Oh, to be sailing
Hey, that shot looks familiar! Hi Terry. Glad to see you had a good time at Zihua fest. I'm Nautiknitter over on Ravelry. Stay cool!
I'll keep my eyes and ears open for that letter coming by boat, trainrail, air jogger, and then through the US mail...... hahaha!!
Hi, this is Paul and Liz from Aphrodite, Chula Vista, English couple. Don't know if you remember us, but we would love to be able to e-mail you to ask you about Niki Wiki. We are now in the Caribbean and heading across the Atlantic in June. When we get home we want to sell our boat, turn around, come back, buy a Gulfstar sailmaster - we're going to be taking a look at a couple in Florida, and would really appreciate your opinions on a few points. Our e-mail is Sorry to contact you through your comment's box, but have lost your card with your e-mail address. So glad to see that you are still having a wonderful time. Hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes Liz and Paul
Once again I look out the house windows at the fir trees buried in snow and know we have another 8-10 inches of snow/sleet coming in tonight. Thanks for your warm posts and letting us know that someone is enjoying life in the sun. Knit on!
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