Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Demolition Time

Well - it's begun. We are demolishing the floors in the house to put in new tile. The ghastly pink & white tile in the front hallway was the hardest to get up. Jones had to use an electric chisel to get the TWO layers of tile up - yep, there was some brown tiles underneath. And then...Agh! there is a 5" layer of crumbling mortar/concrete underneath it. What a mess! The house is covered in concrete dust - and the front entryway looks like a war zone with bomb craters. Kinda fun for Halloween trick or treaters don't you think?

But, we are making progress. So far Jones has pulled up the pinkish linoleum in the kitchen/dining area, the front hallway you see here, and the tiles from the downstairs bathroom and laundry area. Also, he has pulled off the kitchen counter tiles. Then, he's gotten the new appliances ordered, and contractors set up to come lay the new tiling.

Plans are to have the house listed for sale sometime in November - we already have the real estate agent, just have to finish the remodeling. Once the house is sold - I'll quit work and we'll take off for the BIG ADVENTURE!!! Buy one of the sailboats we've been looking at and live the good life!!!!

Woohoo!!!! I've never been on a sailboat before - can I come visit???
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