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FEET in the WATER - Bahamas

Oops...we did it again. In February, we untangled the lines from the dock pilings and headed out cruising into new adventures. First, we motored south in the intra-coastal waterway to Vero Beach, then sailed east out at Fort Pierce and onward to the Bahamas!

Getting out cruising again meant that we had to ensure that all systems were functioning well. Jonesy decided to make a few repairs and some upgrades and while he was at it, he made many more repairs and upgrades. It's amazing how much that guy can get done in a given day! I knit. Oh, and I purchased a new hammock for me to use on the bow while at anchor.

Disaster struck three days before we wanted to leave when one of the porcelain toilets cracked! Thank goodness for great marine supply stores in Florida and Jonesy's plumbing
Jonesy puts the dinghy in the water
skills (which he learned out of necessity over our 13 years of living aboard a boat). Now we have a shiny new toilet in the forward head and we left right on schedule. (Well, not really a hard schedule but we do find that making a commitment to a specific date motivates both of us to get things done).

The provisioning of food and household supplies was my job. This is our first time in the Bahamas so we didn't really know what was available here. We did a lot of research and had many long chats with a fellow cruiser who has sailed these waters for years. I'm familiar with meal prep in remote areas so it was actually FUN for me to plan and purchase shelf-stable edibles that we would actually eat (no spaghetti-O's! type junk). I use a pressure cooker so I cook rice, beans, and even cheesecakes in it. I also enjoy baking so I make our own baked goodies and can make tortillas too.

I stuffed the freezer with boneless meats and chicken and some home-prepared sauces. For fish, we have been buying locally - fish is expensive in Florida and we hoped we could get some fresh in the Bahamas. We did find a couple of pounds of frozen grouper that had been caught and filleted the day before. EXCELLENT meals were made and the price was even a little less than we pay at the fish store in Florida (still pricey).
Tacos and fresh papaya dinner on the boat
We crammed the refrigerator with produce and nuts before we left which we have already consumed. The potatoes did not keep well in their normal storage locker and started sprouting almost immediately, so we ate them all up fast.

Most groceries are quite a bit more expensive (double or more) in the Bahamas. Yes, I paid $2 each for commercially grown tomatoes, $5 for a cabbage and $6 for a small bunch of broccoli but we're worth it!

We have spent our time anchoring out on the back side of Marsh Harbor a couple of times to hide from weather, two trips to Man-O-War Cay, a few days in Hope Town on Elbow Cay, and are now up in Green Turtle Cay. We've sat through a couple of big "norther" storms (winds at 45mph!) which makes for a rocky life aboard the boat and no dinghy trips for go-see-doing. Not only is it hard to make meals when you have to hang on with one hand at all times, but it's tricky to knit and read too!
Jonesy - Man-O-War Cay
We decided to seek calmer water for the next forecast storm. So yesterday, we came into the harbor in Green Turtle Cay and sidled up to an end-tie on a dock. I guess we really are getting older (!!) because within minutes of arriving we decided to simply stay put and enjoy Green Turtle Cay until it's time for us to return to Florida.

Yes, the water is beautiful here and the small towns out in this part of the Bahamas (the Abacos) are lovely. We have greatly enjoyed long walks about the islands and on the beaches. The water is still chilly (77 degrees) so we've only gotten our feet wet. I had thought
Cuaarzo Rosa Socks by me
I would be snorkeling - but the weather and sea temperature haven't cooperated. There are more days ahead.

Intracoastal Socks pattern by Stephanie Carrico
Yes, there has been plenty of knitting! My goal is make the second socks from some single socks sitting in my to-do basket for quite some time (years). First, I finished up the matching sock from my Cuarzo Rosa Socks pattern I published back in 2016. Then I tackled the second sock from a test knit I did for another designer back in 2015 and knit using a hand-dyed sock blank yarn.
Socks on the needles for comfort knitting

Deciding to go off course a bit, I ignored another second sock that needs to be finished and instead started a NEW sock project. I needed some restful knitting - no lace - no stitch pattern - to work during the big wind storm. Just a simple sock using an oddball skein of black yarn and the leftover amounts from the hand-dyed yarn I just finished knitting from.

Nice and simple - just two rounds of each color...relaxing knitting while I was protected from the rain and sea spray in our zip-up plastic enclosure in the cockpit.
Knotted zipper pull/lanyard

Oh yes, we did have some of the older clear plastic panels replaced before we took off to go cruising again. This meant that I had to make 14 knotted lanyard zipper pulls for the new zippers too. But the money and effort are really worth it. This protection is much appreciated when at sea in rough weather!

Life is good.
Terry in her new hammock

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Fair winds, friend! It's great to see you sailing again, and, of course, knitting.
Thank you so much for the detailed article.Thanks again.
Glad that I found you again on your new sailing and knitting adventures. Hoping for smooth sailing for you!

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