Thursday, December 24, 2015


Beach Wreath for the Holiday Season

Go for a walk on the beach with a friend for a couple of hours and what do you get? A holiday wreath that's what!

The Glynn Visual Arts center had a silent auction for wreaths made by us members. Jonesy helped to hot glue my beach treasures to a recycled serving tray with the center cut out, stuffed with newspapers and wrapped in burlap. We "artistically" glued on the washed shells and driftwood, looped some rope around and tied a big burlap bow.

But wait, there's a bonus I also made 3 ornaments from small pieces of driftwood and shells to go with the wreath. Although it is quite rustic (and very different from the other fancy wreaths) it actually got a few bids and was sold! I hope it wasn't a mercy purchase ;o), but other wreaths didn't get a single bid so I feel quite lucky.

Happy whatever you celebrate this holiday season!

My parents spent many Springs and Falls on the Texas coast. Mom would collect shells and drift wood. After all those years she was able to make a tree full of ornaments, angels and Santas mostly. She'd also use sand dollars and starfish. Their whole tree was decked out with the bounty of the beach.
Terri, you are just so damn creative! I am back on Island Sol after 50+ days in Texas with my parents. Mother is home as of the day I flew to San Pedro I didn't get to see the look on her face when she arrived home.
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