Sunday, September 27, 2015


One-Skein Wonders for Babies

by Geneve Hoffman Photography, for Storey Publishing cute is this? I actually gasped when I saw this photo of my knit project for the first time. What an angel!

This is just one of the adorable photos that were created for the 101 knitting patterns in the brand new One-Skein Wonders for Babies book recently released by Storey Publishing. Yes, three of my fresh new designs are included in this compilation of patterns for hand knitters, and yes, I'm so tickled.

Seen here is the Smocked Lace Toddler Hat and Mitten set which is knit in fingering weight yarn and features a unique lacy edging. Also in this book are my Scallops and Ribbing Baby Cap and Socks and Folded Lace Cuff Socks (see photos below).

As soon as I received my author's copy of the book I curled up with it and slowly flipped through the pages. The color photography is beautiful and surreal, especially for those of us who yearn for grandchildren by our way-already-old-enough sons. But I digress.

My local bookstore (Books A Million) already has copies on their shelves so I'm sure they are available
at your local yarn store and Amazon. All of us knitters are sure to have a few (cough, cough) beautiful single skeins of yarn in our stash that are just waiting for the right project. Most of us have enough hand-dyed shawls and accessories for ourselves, but there are always babies being born that need soft warm things too. Babies are the perfect size for one skein projects!

Yep. I'm going to be knitting some of the other designs in this book you can bet on that. These new projects will join the ones that I knit for the publication of this book. Those knit samples? Well, they have been lovingly put to to rest and wait in the hope chest. You know, for that joyful day in the future. There's always hope.

Life is good.

Folded Lace Cuff Socks
Scallops and Ribbing Baby Cap and Socks

Terry, I am attempting to knit the Scallops Ribbing Baby Cap and Socks. I am have a challenging time getting my gauge correct. What I keep getting is Waaaaay to big. I have adjusted my needles and have the right size yarn. Any help you might offer would be fabulous!

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