Tuesday, December 01, 2015



Sometimes it's the little things that get in the way of completing a project isn't it?

I made this "Sushi Serving Set" months ago for my nephew, Jon and his new wife and just mailed it out yesterday. This set consists of a large serving tray on wooden feet, 2 dipping sauce bowls, 2 plates, 2 chopstick rests and 2 pair of chopsticks.

Why? Well the first problem was that one of the pieces came out of the glaze firing process with a very different (milky) look to it. Pottery glazes sometimes have minds of their own. But I really wanted the set to kinda match. So I had to make a new serving tray. This takes a couple of weeks to make, dry, bisque fire, glaze, glaze fire. After that, I decided that the serving tray would be nicer if it had some feet to raise it up off the table. Sawing, sanding, varnishing, glueing = done. Next, I thought it would be nice to add the chopsticks. Guess what? There were no chopsticks in this area to buy - not at Pier 1 and not at the asian store.

So I ordered the Japanese style chopsticks on eBay and they were shipped from China. Yep...all the way from China directly to me. Now, I had to find boxes and packing materials to protect this pottery during it's cross-country trip. This took a couple of weeks of scrounging in the recycling bin here at the marina. Who knew it would be so hard to find a newspaper to crumple? Anyway, the box is finally on its way. I hope this wedding gift arrives safely and the kids enjoy it.

What a fabulous gift!

If you ever come back to camp (hint hint!) I'd drop a whole bunch of raffle tickets on it.
The set is lovely Terry - they will be thrilled with it
They will love it. The tea bag rest is darling. Your a great crafter. Darrlaa
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