Friday, March 25, 2011


Host Vessel Job

Well, it has happened - we got a "job". Yep, we are now the new HOST VESSEL in the Roatan Marine Park mooring/anchorage here in West End, Roatan. It's kinda like being the Host vehicle in some of the National Parks in the USA. No biggie - in fact Jonesy has plenty of time to watch the NASCAR races in a comfy spot in the village.

So, in exchange for a free mooring (yippeee!), we help folks pass through the narrow gap in the reef, and get them attached to a mooring ball. Jonesy has spent a lot of time zooming around in his dinghy since we accepted this position. Also, we are responsible for verifying that everyone has paid their fees which is not a problem. Cruisers tend to be nice folks and are usually so glad to get off of the lumpy seas from their passages from Belize or other Honduran islands and into a smooth, safe place that they are willing to fork over some cash.

We are NOT entertainment directors nor are we responsible for the morals and behavior of the people on the 20 boats here. That being said...we did have 25 wild and crazy cruisers on our boat last week for a get-together! Everyone brought finger foods to share and there were plenty of adult beverages. Just before sunset, I presented Doug from the sailing vessel Highland Light with a little bit of knitting that I had done for him.

Willy Warmer
Look. Don't mess with a knitter who has too much time on her hands and a large stash unless you want to pay the price. Doug said he wanted a "willy warmer" and for several weeks there was a lot of teasing going on about the appropriate size. We joked about "measuring sessions" and what the opportunities were for using such an item. Jonesy selected the yarn colors and away I knit. While I was at it, I decided to also knit a man-thong as something Doug could actually wear.

Wear? Yes. Later that evening, in the dark of the night, he strolled out onto deck to model the man-thong. Lisa, his wife asked us all not to post photos of that event. Dang. It was some good watching! And yes, I do have the photos.
Everyone stops at the exact moment of sunset to see the sun sink into the sea. Why? Because it's special and also because we can sometimes see the "green flash" at that final moment of sunshine. All throughout the mooring field there are cheers and whooping from the boats to celebrate a green flash. Then Doris from the sailing vessel FootLoose plays Taps on her old bugle.

Knitting still happens every day on board the Niki Wiki where the Caribbean breezes keep me cool and comfortable. Even on the days that I go scuba diving with my good buddies, I manage to find time to knit. I have now made 9 dives!!! Because the gals on the sailing vessel Interlude have an extra set of gear, all I have to pay for is the rental of the tank + air which is $5 bucks - that's it!
Now that I have bought a replacement for my camera which suffered sudden death, I'll try to get more photos.

Patterns please!
I am finally teaching myself to knit! With the email help of Jomamma. I took a photo of my first few inches of horrible knitting and put in on another knitting friend's facebook page to show her that I was at least making an attempt - all the comments were making fun of it and basically calling it a willy warmer. Now I know where they got this rubbish. Terry - you are a bad influence! ;) Yay for the job and fun!
so freakin' jealous! Mike and I honeymooned on Roatan and dove those pristine blue waters....wish, wish, wish we were there! thank you for the commentary and photos, and the mental photo of the man-thong, yeeehaw!

Deborah in Benicia, CA.
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