Thursday, March 31, 2011


Knitting & Diving, knitting and diving...

Knitting & Diving. That pretty much describes these past two weeks for me. One of my diving buddies, Cheryl took some underwater photos of me as we kicked hard into the current one day. Usually, there isn't much of a current, but a couple of days it was really strong. For safety, we swim into the current (hard work) for the first part of the dive, then drift back to the dinghy letting the sea work for us.

This day we spotted a darling Caribbean Squid - so cute! It was just hovering over this coral and wasn't shy at all. Most of the sea creatures are unafraid of divers. As this is a protected marine park, they are used to us bulky blobs of human matter moving slowly through their neighborhood and doing no harm.

Caribbean Squid
Blue Parrotfish
The colors of the reef are more colorful than they appear in these photos.

Human Blob Terry
Check out this big Blue Parrotfish! It was about 2 feet long. We see many different types of parrotfish but this guy is really special. The reef has all sorts of bizarre formations, walls that drop off to the deep, and canyons. Here's a small arch that we came across. Even snorkeling, you can see a lot of these.

The folks on the sailing vessel Footloose had an issue with their halyards (ropes that pull up the sails) being tangled way up at the top of their mast. So we had some good watching while Doris hoisted Tom up the mast. No, it's not all play out here. The definition of cruising is making boat repairs in exotic places.
There has been group knitting going on! That is if you can call 2 people a "group" - and I do. Pam from the sailing vessel Glide who is already a proficient knitter, came over for a lesson on knitting with multiple double pointed needles.

Oh yes, a kind reader asked for the patterns from the last post. The man-thong pattern is free on KNITTY.COM
Here are my instructions for the warmer:

size 5 dpns
DK weight yarn.
CO 24, join.
knit 2 rounds
YO, k2tog all around one round (for eyelet holes for ribbon to tie the thing on)
Continue knitting in the round until you have the desired length before shaping the end.
k6, k2tog around
k5, k2tog around
continue knitting one less stitch before the k2tog until you have 6 sts left. cut yarn and thread thru end to gather.
Find a willing wearer and Enjoy!

Thanks Terri! Aren't you proud of Heather on Meerkat? I sure am! From the pictures she been sending this week, she's catching on quickly, her tension looks pretty good.
I want a knitting lesson!!!!
Jomamma - Terry hasn't seen any of my piles of knots yet...
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