Monday, March 07, 2011


She be certified

I survived the PADI Open Water Diver course and passed the physical and written tests - Whoooo hoooo! I'm now a certified scuba diver! It was a hard, and exhausting week, but my new friend Mary and I made it through. Thanks so much to our dive instructor Christina and all the folks at Roatan Divers .

It was great having a fellow student who is my age and who has a positive attitude. Mary made the whole experience so very pleasurable as we laughed together at our awkwardness both in and out of the water.

So, as I was walking back to the dinghy with Jonesy at the end of the day, I was prattling on about how useful this new skill of mine will be. Well heck! If something goes wrong down on the keel of our boat I can go down and check it out. Oh! Jonesy YOU can clean the propeller for us! We won't have to hire anybody. Oh, yeah, I guess that is now one of the "pink" jobs on the boat for me. Yeah, and while I'm down there I can change the zincs on the shaft and then clear out the barnacles in the through-hulls (exit & entry tubes) to the heads (toilets).

Once I rest up I'll get back to my knitting. My brain has been full, and my body empty of energy this past week, but I'm really looking forward to picking up the needles again. We paid for another MONTH on the mooring ball here in West End, Roatan - we're stuck in paradise again.

Hey, Congratulations! How exciting to be a scuba diver, certified! See you soon. Hugs - Carol
Scuba certified???!!! So cool! And another month in Roatan???!!! Lucky girl!
Good for you. My hubby is a PADI certified diver. I snorkle and am very happy in the surface.... Have fun cleaning the boat and just think if the money you will save in place of paying someone else to do it. More money for yarn :-) Darrell
I thought I would type and let you know how much I love your blog. I live in Ottawa, Canada. Today it is a little chilly, -13 (don't know what that is in your language) with the wind chill, but at least it is sunny....I am a power boater with a 28 foot Carver which I am today dreaming of. Thanks for your blog. Cheers Louise
Congratulations on both levels, certification and another month in paradise. You are such an inspiration.
Congratulations!!! This is a big deal and you should be very proud of it! May you have many, many dives to enjoy in the future!
You never cease to amaze and inspire me, Terry....
Congratulations, Terry. Renate
Congratulations girlfriend! Great Job!! stop bragging or you will be responsible for the whole boat(-: Careful Jonesy will take up knitting and then we are all in trouble or NOT.... glad to see you having so much fun. Keep it up.
So I'm a little slow.... but congrats on the SCUBA accomplishment -- and on hanging out on the buoy for awhile longer! Hey, d'ya think you'll ever come to the Pacific? :-)
Congrats we follow you in Minnesota!!
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