Friday, July 01, 2005


Folsom KNITTING Get Together Saturday July 2nd!

Okay everyone - tomorrow is the first Saturday of July so we will all get together at the Coffee Republic at 6610 Folson-Auburn Rd and knit out on the patio. Yoohoo! I've heard from several folks who plan to be there so get your sticks and string out and join us.

I've got to work on my name badge for Meg Swansen's Camp next week ! I've designed it already (like real hard...graphed my name out) but I want to add a lace border at the bottom. Just been working on felted purses lately. Totally frogged my husband's sock - it was 1/2" too short in the foot and was too snug in the ankle. I don't know...maybe his foot was all swelled up from the heat. Nah - I goofed up - should have cast on 72 stitches - not the 66. Crud, I knew it was something divisible by 6 for the 4x2 rib.

Have got a "Knitter's Tan"!!!! What's that? you ask? Well, if you are like me and you knit while you walk outside for exercise then you will have glaring white skin on the inside of your elbows. That's because I hold my knitting up a little above waist level - with my arms bent - and the inside of my arms never see the sun. Kinda looks like the opposite of when I was a kid and that part of my arm was always dirty!!!

See you tomorrow!!!!

Have fun at camp, Terry. Sorry I couldn't make Saturday, Grandkids calling! They came over to Phylis' house where I'm housesitting to go swimming. Their dad (my son) and Heidi(Girlfriend)came over later after a HOT day car shopping. See ya! Ginny C.
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