Thursday, January 29, 2015



Have you heard or read about "Arm Knitting"? It seems to be being pushed by the yarn companies to sell more yarn - especially to non-knitters. Well, Arm Knitting is SO 2014!

Introducing Neck Knitting! Make your very own warm and fashionable cowl with a single skein of yarn! No needles, hooks, or arms required!

Simply open up the skein, and cast on by putting your head in the center hole of the skein and let it rest on your neck. Then, pick up the front part of the skein and using your neck as a giant knitting needle, twist the skein once and pull the second loop down over your head.

Voila! One stitch made!And the best part is you're done! I demonstrated this new and exciting technique at our knitting get together last night with a friend's hand spun and hand dyed yarn skein. It is yummy! But wait...there's more! If you get tired of wearing your new hand-crafted cowl, you can reuse (recycling is green remember!) the skein and knit with it to produce something else when you actually do learn the craft.

Too funny!
This is cute and you've got it right about arm knitting using a lot of yarn. The yarn producers must be loving it...especially at the prices they are charging!
You may be onto something! This would be a little tough with those big ole skeins of the cheap stuff from the discount stores. I can barely get my finger in one to find the end of the yarn.
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