Wednesday, December 03, 2014



Here's a new sock design of mine. The St. Augustine Socks pattern is now available on Ravelry. Yes, these were developed way back before I began my current sock knitting duldrums phase. No, I haven't yet finished the second sock.

Anyway, the pattern is written in FOUR different sizes"
St. Augustine, Florida is a beautiful and historic city where we moored the boat for a few weeks back in May/June as I knit these socks. Spanish moss can be seen gracefully hanging from the branches of the old trees which inspired the cables on these socks. Snaking cables and ribbing run down the sides of the leg and knit/pull textured diamonds are on the back of the leg and run from the cuff to the begining of the toe.  The sock is worked cuff-down to the toe and features the heel flap and gusset construction method.

Here's a view of the diamond knit/purl motif that runs down the front and back of the leg.


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