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This past week as Jonesy and I were heading out of the local town of Rio Dulce (aka Fronteras) for our 2+ mile walk we heard a bizarre sound. The constant, eerie high-pitched squeal sounded like it was straight out of a horror flick. We couldn't see the source of the noise, but it was getting steadily louder as we walked. It could have been aliens, but nobody else looked worried. We wove and dodged our way around the chaos of the busy town, and finally, around a parked over-sized delivery truck there it was! The source! I had to share this little video I took...

Nope. Not aliens at all. Just a delivery of literally thousands of baby chicks! Each box has 78 chicks in it and there were stacks and stacks of boxes. Rio Dulce is an agricultural area with many farm supply stores and baby chicks for sale is a common sight. At this number of chicks in one area though the sound is not sweet peeps, but a roar!

Our walks take us through a beautiful natural area. We've seen many different butterflies including the spectacular Blue Morpho. This is a grasshopper which was dead in the road. At first I thought it was a piece of vegetation because the wings are the same colors as young leaves - yellow and red and the body is brown speckled. This sure was a big guy!

Speaking of aliens, Jonesy will become an illegal alien in just a few days here in Guatemala when his 90-day visa expires. When I left and visited the states I got a fresh 90-day visa when I came back. So we will leave tomorrow morning to go to Belize for 72 hours. We did this 2 years ago too, but that trip wasn't a lot of fun 'cause I ended up in the hospital with a cranky gallbladder.

The seas are calm here in the Western Caribbean and the weather looks good for the boat trip from Guatemala to Belize - so off we go! There's not much to do in the little town of Punta Gorda where we'll be staying so we'll just have to entertain ourselves. I'm planning a lot of knitting!

And speaking of knitting (yippeee!) here are a couple more pairs of completed socks for the kids in the orphanage in Kazakhstan. These were knit from the yarns donated by my fellow knitting campers this summer. No fancy pattern work - just plain stockinette stitch and real wool.

Oh! Here's the Coca-Cola delivery boat dropping off beverages to our marina for the restaurant and store. Because we live along a river without road access, everything is delivered by boat. This is how Jonesy gets his diet Coke which is called "Coca Light" here. And of course, I get the Coke for the occasional Rum & Coke adult beverage. Life is to Belize!

Have a safe & fun trip! A man that I knew when I worked for my former employers moved to Belize in about 2009 & I believe works (maybe owns or co-owns) a place called the Purple Space Monkey, but I can't remember what town it is located in, His name was Ernie, if you happen to ever find yourself in a PSM while in Belize! He's a pretty cool guy.
Safe travels! We have those 3" grasshoppers here in Texas too.
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