Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Night terrors

Why did Jonesy wear an LED headlight to bed? Why did he hide the banana in one of the kitchen drawers?

I awoke the other night to Jonesy doing a flapping dance in the salon. He was chasing a bat, a little brown fruit bat who had ventured inside our boat. This little guy flew down the hatch right over our stateroom berth - past Jonesy's face and was heading towards the galley to find the banana.

Yep, it worked. The headlight that is. Jonesy was once again awoken by the fluttering of the fruit bat and turned on his light. Ah -ha! Busted! The bat left (probably in sheer terror). Yes, I'm sure it wasn't a vampire bat, Jonesy. Even though they do exist down here in the tropics, you would have had blood dripping from your face from the anti-coagulant. We've had problems with fruit bats before when we had bananas on board down in Panama, remember? Now just go back to sleep.

My two cents (or whatever the local currency is) - in the middle of the night, there is no guarantee what kind of bat (or monster) is in the room when you wake up. We all need to take necessary precautions for nightmare wake up. The fact that there were whales in my room last night (no I don't live near an ocean) doesn't mean they weren't real. Same goes for vampire bats!
Can you not fashion some sort of screen over the hatch? We've (the town I live in, not me personally) been plagued with Cat Burglars. Not the cute 4 legged kind on the YouTube vidio that takes you bikini top. This was a 20 something yr. old black man who would brazenly crawl in through a bedroom window where the homeowner would be sleeping. He then would go through the purse or pants to get the wallets. He was seen numerous times, usually by a teen who lived in the home, you know how teens are, they don't sleep. One lady woke up just as he was slipping out of her window. She thought she was dreaming and went back to sleep. Discovered her wallet was gone the next morning. They recently caught him and put him in jail. But now there are 'copy cat' burglars recreating his antics.
Too scary, and too funny.
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