Wednesday, March 24, 2010



I choke, you choke, we all choke on Chokis! Manufactured by Frito Lay, these little chocolate-covered crispy corn balls are sold in individual packets in Colombia. The center is like "Kix" cereal. The name is pronounced Choe-keys as if you would choke on them, but they are m-m-m-good. Do they sell anything like this in the US or Canada? Because they are gluten-free they are a snack that I can eat. But sadly, I've devoured the last packet and now they are gone. Nope. They don't sell them here in Panama. But! There's hope! In the next few weeks, we will be stopping in at the little Colombian island of San Andres so maybe, just maybe they'll have some. I can only hope.

I have never seen these before :-( They sound yummy though.
I'll ask my friend, she works for Frito Lay... at the Frito Lay Headquarters here in North Texas.
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