Friday, October 04, 2013


Ropes and Cobblestones

Hurrah for October! I've been waiting months to be able to share with y'all one of my new sock patterns. These are the Ropes and Cobblestones Socks which are easy to knit and sized from Women's Medium up to Men's Large.
For the month's of October and November 2013 the pattern will only be available for members of the Six Sox Knitalong Yahoo Group. After that time it will be for sale on

This tiered distribution method has become my modus operandi for sock patterns the past few years. Why? Because I get excellent test knitting for every size (free!) from the stable of volunteers on the group who are sock experts. Then the group members get exclusive access to the new pattern for the first two months.

NIKI WIKI and Jonesy looking good
We're still holed up at the hotel while our boat is in dry dock. All of the blisters on the bottom have been repaired and the first coat of Gelcoat has been applied to the fiberglass. Many more layers of gelcoat, primer and anti-fouling paint need to be applied before we splash back into the water. Let's hope this wonderful dry weather continues so that it will go faster!

Jonesy was over at the yard yesterday and decided to turn on the ignition switch just to be sure the start battery was OK. Nope. It wasn't. So in addition to the 4 new deep-cycle batteries we've ordered for our house solar system, he just had to buy another regular 12-volt battery for the engine start system. It will be delivered to the yard at 3pm today so he's off to take the old battery out now and get ready to install the new one. I think I'll knit in the A/C here at the hotel.

If you are into textiles - just wait for the next post in a couple of days! We had an adventure that will knock your socks off!

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