Wednesday, February 18, 2009



FO = Finished Object.

These Entrelac Socks were one of my oldest UFO (UnFinished Objects). There were from a sock club that I belonged to back in the days that I worked and had an income. The pattern is dated 2003 and I think that was the year that I received the kit from The Knitter.Com Sock of the Month Club

I still like the design and the colors, but I just don't enjoy working entrelac. It is just too fussy with all of those picked up stitches. Aslo, I learned a neat trick at Meg Swansen's Knitting Retreat on how to avoid the little peak-a-boos of the contrasting colors so I wasn't happy with how I had worked the leg. But, that is all over now. They are done and will be sent to the folks at the Mittens for Akkol group to be sent to the Akkol Orphanage in Kazakhstan. Should keep somebody's feet warm.

Entrelac has never really appealed to my interest. It's pretty but I'm not that into picking up stitches either. I like your color choices too.
Nice socks! I have never tried Entrelac, I will have to try it sometime, maybe a scarf.

I am really enjoying your blog! Keep up the good work.
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